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The Be READI© Approach

Turn Values Into Action

The Be READI© Approach is a values-based leadership development framework that enhances leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement in a way that aligns with organizational core values.

A blend of visionary leadership, actionable strategies, and unwavering commitment to a more inclusive world. One leader, one organization at a time.

The Five Pillars of Be READI©


Cultivating an environment where all individuals feel accepted, valued, and integral to the community. This fosters a sense of security and personal investment in the collective goals of the organization.


Ensuring all groups, especially those historically underrepresented or marginalized, are visibly present and equitably involved in decision-making processes, leadership roles, and opportunities throughout the organization.


Committing to fair treatment, opportunities, and advancement for all people while striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups.


Holding responsibility for upholding and advancing inclusive and equitable practices, ensuring that actions align with stated values and commitments.


Embracing and valuing a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within the organization to enrich understanding, innovation, and responsiveness to the communities served.


Actively involving all community members in decision-making processes and organizational practices, ensuring that everyone’s contributions are valued and that their voices shape outcomes.

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