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  • Jamal "JC" Jimerson
    Jamal "JC" Jimerson

    Principal and Chief Values Officer

    Specializing in values-based leadership and strategic development, Jamal guides partners toward transformative growth and sustainable impact. Specializing in values-based leadership and transformative practices within the nonprofit, educational, and community sectors, Jamal has over 20 years of experience. His robust background includes roles ranging from frontline positions to executive leadership, profoundly understanding the nonprofit landscape and its challenges.

    Before establishing Thought Partner Solutions, Jamal founded the Minority Inclusion Project, which aided nonprofits nationwide in enhancing board diversity. His expertise spans developing and executing organization-wide DEI assessments, planning, and solutions for nonprofits, municipalities, schools, and businesses. His work emphasizes a comprehensive approach, utilizing the Be READI™ change framework to guide organizations through their DEI journeys.

    Born and raised in the vibrant city of New York and now based in Connecticut, JC's journey is as diverse as the communities he serves. His educational credentials are equally impressive. With a B.A. in Mass Communications, an M.A. in Business Communications, and an M.S. in Human Services, JC has always been a lifelong learner. Currently, he's a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Innovation at Marymount University.

    JC's mission goes far beyond academics and professional accolades, although he's received plenty, including being a 40 Under 40 recipient from the Hartford Business Journal and a 100 Men of Color award recipient. His life goals are deeply personal and reflect his holistic approach to leadership. Whether it's being a great man of God, empowering BIPOC communities, or being a dedicated father, JC's values are the compass that guides his work.

    One of JC's standout initiatives is the Board Diversity Initiative, which has been operational since 2016. This program has been a game-changer for nonprofit boards across Connecticut, enhancing their DEI efforts and recruiting diverse candidates. It's not just about ticking boxes; it's about making meaningful, sustainable change.

    When JC isn't working or studying, he's fully engaged in life. Whether it's reading the latest book on black studies, DJing a set, or watching the Philadelphia Eagles play football, JC brings his full self to the table. He's a fan of hip-hop, a lover of sports, and an advocate for meaningful conversations that challenge the status quo.

    For organizations and communities ready to make a real commitment to DEI, partnering with JC means gaining more than just a consultant. You're gaining a mentor, a thought partner, and a catalyst for change. With JC, you're not just getting a service; you're entering into a partnership rooted in integrity, innovation, and a shared mission for positive impact.

  • Lorie Lewis
    Lorie Lewis

    Partner Relationship Manager

    Lorie is the Partner Relationship Manager for Thought Partner Solutions. Lorie is a creative and innovative marketing, management, and communication professional with many years of energizing people, concepts, and communities. Her career has spanned many nonprofit sectors including arts organizations, faith-based institutions, and schools. Her most current roles included Director of Marketing and Communications at the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and Director of Marketing at Milford Arts Council. She holds an undergraduate degree in English from Providence College and a Masters of Arts in Arts & Nonprofit Management from George Mason University. Lorie is also the Founder of a passion project called Wings4Peace which seeks to infuse peace into America's culture of gun violence through arts initiatives. Lorie's personal life mission is simply to do meaningful work and lead a meaningful life. Her passions include poetry, dance, singing, photography, Pilates, yoga, cycling, jogging, reflecting, imagining, + everything and anything Arts. 

Thought Partner Solutions
Location #1
Thought Partners, LLC
Phone 860.910.3500