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What We Do

Speaking Engagements

Why Choose TPS for Speaking Engagements?

The Be READI© Difference
While many speakers can entertain or even inspire, our Be READI© lens ensures that our presentations and keynotes go a step further. We challenge audiences to think differently about issues of leadership, equity and inclusion and provide actionable steps for creating a culture of belonging.

Topics We Cover

Leadership in a Diverse World
Learn how to lead with inclusivity and integrity in today's increasingly diverse environments.

Building Resilient Communities
Discover the role of Be READI© principles in fostering community resilience and driving social change.

The Future of Work
Explore how the Be READI© principles are shaping the future of work, from recruitment to employee engagement.

Social Entrepreneurship
Gain insights into how the Be READI© approach can drive innovation and impact in the social entrepreneurship space.

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Ready to inspire your audience with a presentation that makes a difference? Contact us to learn more about our unique approach to Public Speaking.

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Location #1
Thought Partners, LLC
Phone 860.910.3500