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Who We Are

Frequently Asked Questions 3

General Questions

  • What is Thought Partner Solutions (TPS)?

    Thought Partner Solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in fostering a culture of Belonging, Racial Equity, Accountability, Diversity, and Inclusion (Be READI). We partner with nonprofits and municipalities to create sustainable change.

  • What does "Be READI" stand for?

    Be READI stands for Belonging, Racial Equity, Accountability, Diversity, and Inclusion. These are the core principles that guide all of our services and initiatives.

  • How do I get in touch with TPS?

    You can contact us via our website, or reach out to us through social media. We're always eager to hear from organizations that share our passion for positive impact.


  • What services does TPS offer?

    We offer a range of services including Be READI Consulting, Training, Coaching, Board Development, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Human Resource Management.

  • What is the Board Diversity Initiative?

    The Board Diversity Initiative is a one-year program aimed at enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within nonprofit boards in Connecticut. The program costs $10,000 per year for nonprofits, covering up to five board members.

  • How can Foundations get involved?

    Foundations interested in supporting the DEI efforts of their grantee organizations' boards are encouraged to contact us for partnership opportunities.

Getting Started

  • How can my organization become a partner?

    Reach out to us through our contact page to discuss your organization's needs and how we can work together to meet them.

  • What is required to start the Board Diversity Initiative in my region?

    A minimum of five organizations in a given region is required to launch the Board Diversity Initiative. If you’re interested in starting a cohort, contact us.

Thought Partner Solutions
Location #1
Thought Partners, LLC
Phone 860.910.3500